Chris "CJ" (Drums)


CJ joined the High Tops gang in September of 2011. A drummer of many styles, Chris enjoys

playing Progressive Metal, Heavy Metal, Rock, Hip Hop/Funk, and Fusion. Since joining the

High Tops, Chris has been lucky enough to form strong new friendships with his band mates

and play around much of Western Massachusetts and Connecticut.


CJ started drumming at three years old when his brother, Ryan, began drumming for his

high school’s marching band. He would take lessons with Ryan throughout grade school and

eventually joined the High School Marching Band in 8th grade as a bass drum player.

He would eventually end up playing all three marching percussion instruments and even

became Co-Section Leader in his Senior year.  Outside of Marching Band season, Chris was a

part of the Concert Band and Jazz Band playing Bass Trombone and the Indoor Percussion

Group. After high school, Chris attended the University of Massachusetts Amherst and played

with the award-winning UMass Drumline as a tenor player.


After a year in the UMass Drumline, Chris realized that his true passion lay in playing

drum set.He then began lessons with renowned artist and session drummer

Thomas Giampietro (Jazz Drum Set Professor at UMass Amherst) and local drummer

Ed Dupont (drummer for 80's cover band Aquanett).

Chris is now a full time "IT Guy" and also plays in three different groups (Moose and the High Tops, 7 Bridges Road, and a Heavy Rock/Metal Project (unnamed at the moment). He survives both jobs with the love from his wife Emma. "She encourages me everyday to be the best person I can be both at my job and with my music. I cannot ask for a better life partner!"

CJ's Favorite Drummers (Alphabetical order): Dave Weckl, Gavin Harrison, Heracio Hernandez, Jojo Mayer, Mike Mangini, Marco Minnemann, Mike Portnoy, Neil Peart,  Ringo Starr, Scott Travis, Simon Phillips, Steve Gadd, Steve Smith, Terry Bozzio, Todd Sucherman, Virgil Donati, and the list could go on!

Some of CJ's Favorite musical groups in alphabetical order: 311, Alter Bridge, Black Sabbath, Dave Matthew's Band, Deep Purple, Dio, Dream Theater, Extreme, Extreme, Foo Fighters, Haken, Helloween, Incubus, Iron Maiden, Journey. Judas Priest, Kamelot, Kiss, Led Zeppelin, Opeth, Pearl Jam, Porcupine Tree, Queensrÿche, Soundgarden, Styx, The Beatles, Unisonic, and Van Halen.


"Music has been my passion for so many years, and it's what keeps me going! \m/(><)\m/"


Pages: Please feel free to check out CJ's music on his personal Facebook page and YouTube channel.



7 piece Pearl Masters MCX (Maple) Drum set (Piano Black w/ Chrome Hardware)

Rack Toms: 8x6", 10x8", 12x9"; Floor Toms: 14x14", 16x16" ; Bass Drum: 22x18"

Snares: 14x5.5" Maple Pearl Custom MCX Masters Series, 4x5.5" Pearl Custom Poplar snare Limited Edition  

Drum Heads

Batter:  Evans G2 Coated/G2 Clear

Resonant: Evans G1 Clear

Bass Drum: Aquarian Super Kick II, Pearl

Snare Heads: Batter: Evans Coated Heavyweight (batter)/ 500 Snare Side

Sabian Cymbals

Crashes: 16” HHX Stage Crash, 17” AAXplosion Crash, 17” HHX Stage Crash, 16” HHXplosion Crash

Hi Hats: Main-14" HHX Evolution Hi Hats (Dave Weckl), Aux/X-13” AAX fusion Hi Hats

Ride: 20” AAX Metal Ride, 22" HHX Evolution Ride

Aux: 10” Vault Mike Portnoy Signature Max Stax, 10" AAX Splash

China: 19” Holy China


Bass Pedals: Tama Speed Cobra Double Pedal, DW 5000 Single Bass Pedal

Stands: Tama Speed Cobra Hi Hat Stand, Pearl 1000/2000 series stands

Drum Rack: Pearl ICON DR-503C Drum Rack

Throne: Pearl D-2000 Throne


Vic Firth Extreme 55A Hickory L=16.5" Dia=.580"

Vic Firth Extreme 5B Hickory L=16.5" Dia=.595"

Vic Firth Heritage Brush (rubber handle)

Vic Firth Rute 202 (7: .188" + 1 .250" dowels)

Vic Firth Rute 606 (19: .125 dowels)

Vic Firth Rute 505 (31: .094 plastic bristles)

Stick Bag: Vic Firth Leather carrier, Vic Firth Dula Marching Snare Bag


In Ears: 64 Ears A6t monitors

Behringer Powerplay 1 Headphone Amp


        Sennheiser E604 (Toms 8, 12, 12. 14)

        Shure SM 57 (snare)

        Shure Beta 52 (Bass and Floor Tom)


CJ BW.png