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Moose and the High Tops is a local classic rock cover band originally formed over a decade ago. The current lineup began playing together in the Spring of 2018, wowing crowds at bars, restaurants, fairs, weddings, parties, and outdoor venues across Western Massachusetts and Northern Connecticut. The band consists of Chris “Moose” Mongeau on lead vocals, Michael Stutz on guitar and vocals, Scott Cole on bass and vocals, and Chris “CJ” Messier on drums/percussion. These dedicated musicians play music from bands such as Boston, Kansas, Styx, Dire Straits, The Beatles, The Eagles, The Rolling Stones, Foreigner, Pink Floyd and many more!


For more information on the members of Moose and the High Tops, click on the photos or names below.

Moose Mongeau
Michael Stutz
Scott Cole
CJ BW.png

Are you looking for our Eagles Tribute Band? Head to our website:

7 Bridges Road A Tribute to the Eagles

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